Our Mission


About Us… The Work Ahead

The experience of the past five years has brought focus to the work to be accomplished during the next five years.

Business Recruitment

Valley Vision concentrates recruiting efforts on projects that contribute to economic diversification and increase household earnings. The performance emphasis shifts from high volume job-creation to quality of new jobs, measured by average wages and skill requirements.

Valley Vision will build upon its marketing activities of the past to create a Valley identity in the business world. Corporate decision-makers and site selection consultants throughout the U.S. will continue to hear about the Lewis-Clark Valley as a favorable location for their projects.

Local Business Retention and Expansion

Valley Vision continuously communicates with local businesses, large and small. Information is a catalyst for investment and employment growth.

Valley Vision provides direct-service to businesses which sell goods or services outside the area, and provide resource referrals for all businesses. By focusing retention / expansion efforts on companies that comprise the economic base of the Valley, local market opportunities will increase for all other businesses.

Business Climate Improvement

Valley Vision will continue efforts to recruit additional commercial air service to the Valley, and encourage investments in infrastructure, workforce training and education. Continuous improvement of the Lewis-Clark Valley’s business climate is necessary in order to keep local companies healthy, as well as to create an environment where new companies will want to invest and create jobs.

Valley Vision will provide input into the consideration of economic development resources by the Idaho and Washington legislatures. A strong voice will help keep us competitive with other communities and states.