The Rivers


The Rivers

Nearly all the great rivers in the Northwest come to, through, or near Lewiston. While the Snake and Clearwater Rivers are right outside our front door, the Salmon, Selway, Lochsa, St. Joe, Grande Rhonde, and dozens of smaller waterways are all within easy driving distance.

As beautiful as the rivers are, the landscape around them is even more spectacular. From the craggy cliffs looming above the Snake (which flows through the deepest gorge in North America) to the pine and fir forest which line the Selway, from the green glades of the shadowy St. Joe to the sage country framing the Grande Rhonde, there’s a setting to match every taste.

Lewiston is just a stone’s throw away from the largest contiguous wilderness area in the lower forty-eight states: The River of No Return, Selway-Bitterroot, Gospel Hump, Mallard-Larkins, Sawtooth, and Eagle Cap Wilderness Areas are all part of this watershed, not to mention another half-dozen National Forests and twice as many state and regional parks.

If it’s natural beauty you’re after, head for the rivers!

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